Smoothing the Hull

First step in the process was to trim of the excess wood at the edges using a Japanese saw and planing them flush using a small block plane.  

Inserting the Keel

The keel was CNC milled in 3D and therefore just needs to be inserted into the planked hull. An opening was cut and the remaining gaps will be taken care of during the upcoming smoothing of the hull.  

Planking the Hull

Today the first half of the hull mold got planked using about 60 of the basswood strips we cut earlier. It seems like we have cut just enough to finish the other half and the inner deck. It took another full day to complete the […]

Optimization Finished

An optimization of the hulls stability and self righting ability was carried out using CAESES. The goal was to improve upright stability and maximum righting arm of the hull while keeping it’s self righting ability. 2100 different designs were evaluated using an algorithm to find the […]

Prototype Thruster Arrived

Just picked up our ducted propeller at the customs. It is a T100 made by Blue Robotics and will serve us as a temporary propulsion system to test all of our hardware and get the autopilot and gps tracking running. Later on we are planning to design our […]

Keel Positioning

In order to prevent the boat from slipping sideways in case of sidewinds and providing a center of rotation to improve maneuverability it was decided to add a small keel. This decision also adds a few other benefits: Although the selfrighting ability of the hull […]