Planking the Inner Deck

Another day of patience and a lot of precise work using a block plane and a thin Japanese saw.

The most challenging parts are the tip at the bow end and the sharp corners at the stern. The strips are very flexible but getting them to twist from the horizontal middle section to the vertical sides of the stern can be tough.

2015-10-14_16-37_aXatlantic_1 2015-10-14_17-11_aXatlantic_2 IMG_4444 2015-10-14_18-17_aXatlantic_3
2015-10-14_18-34_aXatlantic_4 2015-10-14_20-59_aXatlantic_8 2015-10-14_20-58_aXatlantic_7 IMG_4446

After finishing the planking the mold was flipped over and everything locked in place using epoxy resin.

IMG_4442 IMG_4445 IMG_4447 IMG_4449