Planking the Hull


Today the first half of the hull mold got planked using about 60 of the basswood strips we cut earlier. It seems like we have cut just enough to finish the other half and the inner deck.

2015-10-12_14-43_aXatlantic_1 2015-10-12_16-34_aXatlantic_4 2015-10-12_17-28_aXatlantic_5 2015-10-12_17-28_aXatlantic_6

It took another full day to complete the planking and create epoxy fillets on the inside that hold everything in place permanently.

2015-10-13_10-24_aXatlantic_1 2015-10-13_12-15_aXatlantic_2 2015-10-13_12-16_aXatlantic_3 2015-10-13_16-48_aXatlantic_4