CNC Milling of Mold Sections and Keel


Finally getting started with the actual building process… it was nice to see the design we have been working on for such a long time turning into something real!

The mold is build by placing a set of cnc milled sections on a T-beam and planking them with wooden strips of 4 mm by 5 mm.

2015-10-8_1-33_aXatlantic_1 2015-10-7_19-53_aXatlantic_1 2015-10-8_1-33_aXatlantic_1 2015-10-8_0-12_aXatlantic_1
2015-10-7_19-54_aXatlantic_1 2015-10-7_19-50_aXatlantic_1 2015-10-7_0-18_aXatlantic_1 2015-10-6_19-26_aXatlantic_1