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CNC milled parts!

Thanks to the chair infAR planing systems of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar we are able to use their CNC machine for making the engine parts! Thank you so much for providing us with the machine!

Back to work!

After a longer break we are back at the shop – working hard to get the hull done within the next two weeks. Sanding and smoothing is almost done!

Wiring diagram

Decisions are made: we will be using a Pixhawk (using Ardurover firmware) as the main unit. It will do all the navigation and steering tasks. Via serial connection an Arduino will keep track of the health status (mainly battery / solar power) and will set […]

Keel Positioning

In order to prevent the boat from slipping sideways in case of sidewinds and providing a center of rotation to improve maneuverability it was decided to add a small keel. This decision also adds a few other benefits: Although the selfrighting ability of the hull […]