Towing tank resistance test

By the end of last week, we managed to take the finished hull to the towing tank facilities at TU Berlin to conduct our experiments on the resistance vs. speed. The aXatlantic made her very first contact with water and also did a very good job as the test results and the below pictures and videos of the waves and wake show.

A big thank you again to Prof. Cura Hochbaum and his team of technicians around Karsten Rieck for this great opportunity and their help!

2016-7-19_20-17-56_aXatlantic_9 2016-7-19_20-17-56_aXatlantic_8 2016-7-19_20-17-56_aXatlantic_2 2016-7-19_20-17-56_aXatlantic_7
2016-7-19_20-17-56_aXatlantic_3 2016-7-19_20-17-56_aXatlantic_5 2016-7-19_20-17-56_aXatlantic_6 2016-7-19_20-17-56_aXatlantic_4