Sponsoring of hull building materials and more

A couple of month ago I was trying to join this project with my study at the TU Berlin, as this allows me to put more time and energy into our work without letting my degree slide. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Cura Hochbaum, leader of the research group for Dynamics of Maritime Systems, got interested in our work and became examiner of my masters thesis on the optimization of a rim-driven thruster for our vessel. Dr. Stefan Harries, our supporter at CAESES is involved as the thesis’ supervisor as well. Both have invested a great deal of time and given a lot of valuable assistance way beyond the actual subject of the thesis itself. But here comes the best part:

Not only will we conduct a resistance test of our hull in Europe’s second largest towing tank at TU Berlin, but also the expenses for the building materials of the hull are getting covered by the chair.

This is way more than I was hoping for and we would like to thank Prof. Cura Hochbaum and all the staff members at the institute involved with this a lot!

Materials arrived last week and updates on the hull building process will be posted shortly.